Factors to Consider When Buying Attic Ladders – How to Purchase Loft Ladders

Many people consider attic ladders or loft ladders to be quite essential to every home. These ladders make possible for everyone to go up and down for the attic in a faster and easier manner. You have to consider different factors when buying attic ladders since your convenience and safety is at stake. There are lots of available attic or loft ladders in the market, but you have to be sure whether the ladder you will be purchasing can guarantee satisfaction or not.

Factors to Consider When Buying Attic Ladders | How to Purchase Loft Ladders

Factors to Consider When Buying Attic Ladders/Loft Ladders


Here, you will learn different factors that can help you in choosing the right attic ladders or loft ladders for you.

1. Location

When buying attic ladders you have to be aware that loft ladder kit is created to fit with the existing framing of your ceiling. They might be a required for the existing access hole to be enlarged. It is important for you to plan about your newest access opening including cutting and framing. Make sure that the bottom part of the ladder is rested in a safe room.

2. Space Requirements

Typically, if you have a full-size attic ladder, you are required to have a ceiling opening of 22.5 in. x 54 in. Make sure that you have a landing space suitable for your ladder so that you can safely and quickly mount and dismount it. Another, see to it that a room and the floor below your attic have an open space enough to accommodate the loft ladder when fully extended.

3. Materials

Attic ladders can be made of wood, steel, and aluminum. The wood ladder can be lasting as long as you know how to maintain it. Aluminum and steel are a rust-resistant metal so, it cannot be easily affected by temperature and humidity over time.

4. Type of Framing

Your attic roof or floor might be framed with floor joists and individual rafters or trusses. Your truss roofs can function as an interlocking system and its components need not be cut. Standard frames are easily reorganized. If you have trusses, make sure that they are well-planned according to your ladder location.

5. Joist/Truss Spacing and Orientation

If you get the standard-size attic ladder, be aware that it is specifically designed to fit with trusses or joists having 24” spacing. Meaning, there is an open space of 22.5” between each of the joist pair. In case that the gap between the ladder framing measures about 22.5” and the gaps will fall to where you wanted your ladder to place, additional framing is now required.

6. Insulation

Your attic ladders and access panels can be the sources of cooled and heated air within your home. You have to consider ladder models that are with tight-fighting doors or insulation. Also, you may add weather tripping around your door opening in order for you to stop any air leakage. You can cover your door panel with a firm foam insulation board so that you can slow down the heat loss.

With the help of the factors to consider when purchasing attic ladders, it is easier for you to determine which one is suitable for you. The next time you will buy, you will not end up disappointed.

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